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Interested in Becoming a WOOF Therapy Dogs Team Member?

Dogs can complete training in a formal/class setting, or experienced handlers can conduct all necessary skills training on their own.  Dogs must have mastered basic skills and manners, as well as have an appropriate temperament for therapy work.  For example, a good therapy dog must be very responsive to the handler’s guidance, remain calm in a variety of situations, enjoy meeting new people and show an interest in interaction.


Handlers also need to have the appropriate skills and temperament.  For example, a good handler must maintain control of their dog at all times, have a caring compassionate heart, and work well with people of all backgrounds and abilities.  Visits may include everything from libraries or schools, to senior living or Alzheimer’s units, so handler’s, too, must be comfortable and kind in a variety of situations.

What constitutes a Member in Good Standing?

Still thinking about it?

WOOF allows up to 3 pre-approved, observed visits prior to becoming a WOOF Member.  This is a great opportunity to determine if our style of visits is a good fit for you and your dog, and to check compatibility with our existing Teams.  WOOF conducts all visits as a group, so your dog must not display reactivity or excessive excitement in a group setting.  Membership is granted upon approval.

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